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Managing Director and Founder

Luciano Basini:
Luciano Basini, textile engineer from Biella (Italy), gained his experience in textile sector working with companies all across the world. He started working for Lanificio Cerruti (Italy) in 1982. During his career, he worked for different companies in Turkey, Brasil, Egypt and South Korea. Basini moved to Standerton, South Africa, in 1991 as factory manager at Wooltextile. This was followed by his position as a consultant for the GM of SA Fine Worsted in Cape Town where he founded South African Manufacturing Brands (SAMB).

Sourcing Manager

Marianna Lottering:
Marianna Lottering has extensive experience in flat screen printing. She founded and managed Art Print between 1980 and 1990 in Italy. Lottering utilized a unique technology of wet cold printing, using only natural fibre such as wool, angor, silk and cotton.

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